NHS Shared Business Services SBS10246 (Design, Furniture and Appliance 2)
NHS Supply Chain Medical Healthcare Furniture 2020/S 252-638069
Hampshire County Council Supply & Installation of Residential Furniture CC15357
ESPO Leisure & Residential Furniture 87-18(lot 3)

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Poppi specialises in supplying furniture for a wide range of healthcare environments, offering tailored solutions for each setting to support your setting.

Poppi strives to supply furniture that works in a variety of environments that work to provide quality care to patients. Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, mental health, and community centers are among the many we have already helped. Each setting requires distinctive solutions, for those providers, and Poppi aims to provide all the resources, and specialty services needed. From NHS hospitals and mental health facilities to primary care services, and Nursing homes we specialise in providing only the very best solutions for these environments which are critical for effective healthcare delivery.

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Products designed for cafe-outdoor environments
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products designed for challenging environments
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products designed for community environments
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products designed for hospital environments
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products designed for hospitality environments
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products designed for office environments
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